Pulse Oximeter Sensor Adult

  • Pulse Oximeter Sensor Adult
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  • Pulse Oximeter Sensor is designed with an inclusive cable, sensor and adhesive cloth wrap, this provides the ultimate comfort for people requiring extended monitoring and secure placement. It features a stretch, tear-resistant cloth for easier placement and fit on the patient, especially for hard-to-fit patients such as infants and neonates, ensuring consistent readings by keeping the sensor in the proper position. Sensors are ideal for extended monitoring or situations where the risk of cross-contamination is high.



                    Cloth material: Breathable for patient comfort.

                    Preferred application: Index, middle or ring fingers.

                    Special adhesive allows the sensor to be repositioned multiple times.

                    Stretch material: Easy placement and fit; keeps sensor in proper position.

                    Meets all regulatory and quality standards requirements including ISO 9919.

                    Tear resistant: Increases the number of times the sensor can be repositioned.

                    All inclusive design with illustrated finger guide assures easy and accurate placement for the caregiver or self-application by the patient.