Philips Respironics E70 Cough Assist

  • Philips Respironics E70 Cough Assist
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The Philips Respironics E70 Cough Assist is the new generation of Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator.  It redefines non-invasive secretion clearance for use in hospital and at home to improve patient lives and give clinicians new tools to enhance therapy efficiency.

The Cough Assist E70 offers three customisable therapy setting presets to accommodate different patient conditions.  The integrated Cough-Trak algorithm aids device titration and patient synchronization, helping both comfort and compliance.  Adjustable oscillation levels enhance mobilization and increase the benefits of therapy.

Device settings can be locked so the parameters cannot be inadvertently changed during treatment.  The Cough Assist E70 is truly portable being both mains and battery operated.  An intuitive interface and large colour monitor make it easier to assess treatment and fine-tune device settings for added efficiency and comfort.

Data management tools help assess therapy efficiency.

Peak Cough Flow and VTI are displayed after each cycle, this helps to determine the proper inspiratory pressure needed to deliver a deep inhalation and allowing adjustment of the expiratory pressure needed to deliver an effective cough.

Sp02 and heart rate monitoring at rest gives instant feedback on therapy efficiency

An SD card records therapy data for extended follow-up

Compatibility with Direct View software gives a complete view of therapy


Also available with detachable battery pack - please contact for details 0800 612 4484